Snowy Sundays.

I’m a firm believer that Saturdays are for adventures and Sundays are for snuggles. But I’m also a firm believer that Sundays are for adventures, too. There are a lot of hours in a day and no reason you can’t have both.

I may go as far as to say that growing up in Southern California, I was spoiled when it came to weather. Most of the year was clear and sunny, and it rained so little that I even looked forward to those days.

The hardest thing for me living in North Carolina has been adjusting to the weather. In a single week I watched the temperature go from 80 to 74 to 55 to 33. Drastic!

Adulthood has not been easy since moving here, but I’ve definitely learned ways around it. You have to do what makes you happy. Figure out what that is, and do it as much as you can. At 26 I’m still learning what that is, and what it means. I’m still learning how to allow myself to be happy and not feel guilty about focusing on that over responsibilities.

As ready as I am for sunny days, camping trips, BBQs, and taking my dogs to the lake, I’m also still doing my best not to take the chilly days for granted. I’ve only been lucky enough to see snow actually fall a handful of times in my life, and I can’t deny part of me is in love with seeing it.

After romping around in minimal snow, catching flurries on my coat, and watching my dogs roll around in mud, it was time for the lazy part of my weekend. I compiled a small list of songs that have improved my mood lately, and nothing compares to music that makes you feel good and movement that makes you feel even better.

Sunday jams.

A little stretching—you don’t know how much your body appreciates a good stretch-session until you really dedicate some time to stretch it out. I hold a lot of stress in my shoulders and my back, and the weight that feels lifted after doin’ some flexibility work is incredible.

And of course, what lazy, snowy day is complete without fresh baked cookies and milk? Say what you want about calories— fresh, gooey, moist chocolate chip cookies are worth it. Sit down with a glass of cold milk, a soft blanket, and some simple entertainment.

Do something worthwhile for yourself today. Do more of what makes your heart happy. Take a nap, write a book, get a tattoo, watch your favorite movie for the 100th time. Today is yours, treat yourself to it.

How do you spend Sundays in your world? Are you a lazy Sundayer or a Sunday adventurer? Tell me how you treat yo’ self.



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