Medicine for the soul.

It’s strange that you can love one thing growing up and into adulthood end up loathing it. Sometimes it’s gradual, and sometimes it’s like you woke up one day and flipped a switch—click, changed forever.

Growing up in Southern California, I looked forward to rain. Overcast skies, a chill, and having an excuse to spend all day inside. But after I got married and moved the first time, that changed. I always had an adventurous heart, but moving halfway across the country really seemed to jostle that loose.

Rainy days make me anxious to drive in. Rainy days mean hiking is a pain in the ass if attempted. Though it hasn’t always stopped me before, winter on the east coast for me means a lot of rain and a lot of indoors. If it wasn’t raining, it was just too cold. Even on a hike when your body has warmed and you’ve got layers on, 15° is still cold.

However, one of the perks of being forced to relax at home during winter is that it makes you spend more time on things you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise. I chose to catch up on some blogs I enjoy reading, and I found the perfect post for my winter blues. This post by the lovely Kaetlyn inspired me to reassess the way I’ve been reacting to this winter and make a shift: more things that make me happy and less things that just get me through the motions of living—work, sleep, repeat. Sometimes you need to jump-start your life again, give it a kick. It’s important to find the things that make you feel rejuvinated when you become despondent, and bask in them.

I make a point to do my makeup and hair more often, even if I’m staying at home. It makes me feel good physically, which makes me feel good mentally and emotionally. Self-love is a hard game to play but putting in a little extra work certainly doesn’t hurt my chances of winning.

I try to enjoy the little things while I can. Today was my first Sunday off in 2 months, I work every Saturday, and it isn’t often my husband has a Monday off. So I relished in finally being able to sleep in together without any commitment to getting up and going anywhere I had to be. I made us a sweet treat, I made him coffee, and I breathed in the quiet of my house before everything became motion.

I use what days I can to check off a little more of my localized bucket list. Take a dog, bundle up, brave gray skies and wind. Since my last post I’ve explored 2 new places I wanted to go but hadn’t, and both exceeded expectation.

Jordan Lake—Apex, NC


Lake Waccamaw—Bolton, NC


I’ve been working on taking better care of my health, my hair, and my skin. I’m burning gasoline and making memories. I’m curing my winter blues with whatever makes my heart happy.

What helps you cure your blues? What rejuvenates you?



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