Inhale, exhale


Flowers grow back even
after they are stepped on.

So will I.

Life is a perpetual deep end—sometimes you can reach the edge, some days you keep grabbing and your fingers come up empty.

When you’re a kid, adults like to drown you in broken record rhetoric about how you should hold onto your youth, don’t grow up too fast, etc. But they never tell you why it’s hard. They never tell you how people can hurt you. They never warn you that friends can break your heart too.

Between 19 and 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.

I’m halfway through my 20s and let me tell you—I am still surrounded by temporary people. Many people are temporary. Some people grow apart, some people grow together, and some people just leave, quietly, in a way that feels like what was between you never existed. That’s the nature of the beast.

But I’m sitting here telling you I am here for you. If you reach for me, you will get my hand. Be that for someone. This world is full of hate and sadness and loss and loneliness. I know how it feels—I know how you feel. Give me your love and light and I will send you mine.

Appreciate those who have your back and let them know, frequently. We need all the love we can get. Help me keep my head above water.

I’m rooting for you, guys.


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